...saying Trent's dazzling on guitar is a gross understatement, and from what Lauren's blowing through the harp, I'm thinking this is what harmonica maestro Adam Gussow may have been listening to when he claimed that, 'LC Williams has the best tone of any female harp player I've ever heard.'" ”

— Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @www.Mary4Music.com

LC Williams and the Driver

LC Williams and the Driver play a strong mix of traditional blues and funky, rootsy, more contemporary blues featuring Lauren's brash, gutsy harp playing and Trent's rhythmically inspired guitar work. They honed their craft in Maine, working the local scene most often as a trio called The Blood Orange Martinis, before relocating to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida. Most often appearing as a four piece band now, LC Williams and the Driver are gaining traction as an act worth watching, delivering grooves with intensity and passion.  Coming up listening to traditional harp players such as Kim Wilson and James Cotton, Lauren also shows an obvious love of the hard-driving playing of Lester Butler and the Red Devils. Described as "a player worth watching," by Adam Gussow, harp maestro, in the Modern Blues Harmonica forum, Lauren's harp playing draws the attention of listeners whenever the band performs. While her vocals bring to mind those of Sue Foley or Annie Raines, Trent sings with power and conviction, balancing out his rhythmic, improvisational guitar work.  LC Williams and the Driver make a big sound. 

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Black and white duo at bradys

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