Our Story

L.C. Williams and the Driver formed some years back in the central Maine area when Souder and Williams, who had been playing as a blues duo, joined forces with bass player Phil Pitula to create a trio with a more driving, electric sound. Guitarist Trent Souder  and harp player Lauren Williams had been playing together in various blues outfits since the mid nineties as The Taildraggers, The Marvin Lord Group, and Souder and Williams Blues Band. They hooked up with Phil Pitula, veteran of such bands as Sistah Sadie, Nevah, and Hot Wax, to form the short-lived Sweet Northern Blues Band, which played festivals and local haunts for about a year. Pitula rejoined Souder and Williams to create the stripped down powerful blues trio,then called The Blood Orange Martinis, whose old school sound was in part due to Souder's use of a foot snare instead of a full drum kit. Located now in St. Petersburg, Florida, L.C. Williams and the Driver enjoy performing as a full band, backed by some of the areas best rhythm sections, while also still occasionally stripping down to play as a power trio when the occasion calls for it.